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The Arts

inspirations... my family (science & faith) life (the arts & military life)

And Kindermusik (the curriculum, the company, the children) is where it all comes together

And where I hope you will "Let It Begin With Kindermusik".

The science of Creativity....Research shows how the brain and our society benefit from the creative process.  Influenced by...This is your Brain on Music, Einstein's Violin, 

The science of the Brain... current studies have helped illuminate the brain processes.  Influenced by.... Conscious Discipline, Brain Gym, Baby Bare, Baby Sign

The intellectual application of creativity has influenced many artists and scientists. For example: Leonardo da Vinci's life long journey of discovery based on careful observation, accumulation of knowledge & data, fine skill development, and production of innovation ( he used theses skills for projects as varied as faith, military, even parties); Bach's unification and application of musical notation created with the understanding of the science of sound; Einstein's theories of the Universe being influenced by music; Seurat's use of the science of color and light in his painting.  We here at DiscoveryMeadowStudio strive for this legacy in ourselves and hope to encourage it in the next generation.

Other favorite historical figures/professionals include... Vincent van Gogh, Albert Einstein, General Benjamin Davis, Bach, Thomas Jefferson, Mary Cassatt, Rodin, Richard Feynman, Frank Lloyd Wright, Murray Gell-mann, Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, George Washington Carver ...  

I began this journey as a child of Scientists who used their faith to guide them and their artistic skills to enrich and inspire through education and brain science.  With a strong faith and connection to my community I continue to learn and search for my own path.  Now Kindermusik is where I bring it all together and although it in not all we do @DiscoveryMeadowStudio,  it is the bed rock of my professional life.


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