A one month trial is sometimes available depending on the time of year.  The Membership/Subscription is like a "gym membership"-- subject to availability depending on the location so contact me for more information.  To receive the 'membership' price- an automated payment over a minimum commitment of 3 months is required (unless otherwise stated for special).

*Includes unlimited access to the studio's schedule of classes & activities that are age&subject appropriate, use of materials & supplies at the studio, and a material package for home use (digital access and physical materials).  Class size is limited,  You must RSVP.  Availability is guaranteed for your regular class(es),  all others are subject to RSVP-- for more on weather, health & makeups  

*With a membership, You register once then pay monthly payments that are set by child's age & equally divided for your budget convenience.  Your registration continues until you dis-enroll/take a break-- dis-enrollment/break must be done a month in advance. New 3 month commitment.  Once set up, payment is automatic by credit/debit through online system-- on Kindermusik International site (or possibly PayPal) 

*Fees take into account that weeks in the month vary from 3 to 5 and they even out every 2to3 months.

*I guarantee a minimum number of weeks available per year (40)-- this works out to 10 each season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring). How many classes/activities available per week & month varies do to holidays and calendar fluctuations but evens out each season.  If classes are Cancelled do to weather or educator (usually do to an expected illness/emergency) than there are weather makeup weeks designated throughout the year (several per season- you can see the basic schedule on the ScheduleCalendar page.

*Fees & scheduling take into account that all families experience illness or scheduling conflict occasionally. You are welcome to come to other day/times as available to make them up.

*FREE Makeups, (most)special events, and celebrations are scheduled every season— all current/uptodate registered families are welcome to attend these at no extra cost (subject to rsvp and space available).  This way most families have ample opportunity over time to makeup average absences.  But if you experience a special extended situation you can talk to me-- I work with families when I can.

*The payment is done through  PayPal or Kindermusik International. 

*Finally all the payment plans include materials.  Materials used in class and a home package that is yours to keep and integral to the Kindermusik process of musical immersion.