New Braunfels locations

Faith facility has given us the OK to start back in person.  The facility does have the final word on protocols.


Please use zip code & complete address when using maps or GPS!

sometimes recent local road changes are not yet reflected or a similar road name can confuse things.  I do have Kindermusik signs marking building/parking, entrance, & classroom. Quickest way to get ahold of me is to text 210-373-5406

I always try to have Kindermusik signs (yard, banner, or letter size depending on the rules for the specific location) at road/parking entrance, door entrance(s)

Protocols at other locations will be very similar to those at my Cibolo location but will of course depend on the local numbers and facility rules.  I will keep the protocols updated on my blog as needed.  See each location below for specifics.


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Faith Church

Classes held at Faith Church complex - 970 N Loop 337 New Braunfels, TX 78130.  It is found on the corner of Common Street and the loop know as N 337 or W 46.  The steeple of the church has a banner with a big comma on it.  The parking is accessible from either 337 or Common Street and is between the church and the TEXSTAR Bank.  Classes will be held in the building with address number above entrance.  As always I will try to have signs up where allowed.

Summer2021 protocols...  Masks inside for adults (and older over5 children).  Hand washing.  Distancing with family safe zones.  Small classes.  They also have installed a special HVAC filter system.  And we'll continue with agreements on illness prevention & cleaning.  Again you can see my detailed protocols on my Heatlh&Safety page or current update H&S synopsis on the Blog.

 I no longer hold Classes at the Real Life Community Church building.

However i do look for other locations periodically and will post information about those site as needed

locations/ class day/ times occasionally change do to attendance and availability, etc.

You can contact me- Sally- Anytime or you can check... 

*'ScheduleLevel' page for general calendar, holidays, class day/times per location;

* 'Blog' page for special/current info on cancellations, reminders, events;

*'Policies' for all kinds of policies;