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Celebrating cultures & themes

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

kindermusik is always celebrating multi-cultures. And in the fall we have so many opportunities through holidays to explore.

From Octoberfest to Día de los Muertos to Indigenous Day to all the European traditions of harvest and crossing of the Atlantic And modern pop cultural traditions like Halloween.

As the fall goes on I’ll post different links and ideas for exploration

We started out fall with exploring the beach. With that comes songs from islands all around the world. We explored music and themes from Australia to Hawaii to the Caribbean. We picked out different kinds of string instruments and strummed on strings.

through the end of October, we’ll be taking some time to focus on dressing up, pretending, door knocking&bell ringing, and spiders crawling up & down, even fossils.

We encourage dressing up for class!

We will listen to keyboard instruments like organ, piano, modern synthesizers. You might hear some popular musical themes from this time of year…. Charlie Brown classics or an old fashioned haunted themes or modern sound effects with synthesizers or SciF/fantasy themes.

October 31st studio in Cibolo will be open from 3-7pm for drop in fun.

Drop by to find a treat bag in our forest, glowing dinosaurs in our sand, crafts, music, and marshmallows for the fire. #discoverymeadowstudio

In November from De Los Muertos, Tribal culture, and Harvest celebrations with family heritage, songs & drumming around the fire. We’ll also explore the wind & water that this season brings.

As we near The end of fall I give special thanks that my veteran came home and for all those who served in my family & community.

This month we honored family, ancestors, traditions

from Day of the Dead to Veteran’s Day to Thanksgiving.

I will create a new post for Thanks, Harvest, Family Gatherings, and the Holiday time of year.

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