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Celebrating freedom

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

from Memorial Day to Labor Day Summer has many celebrations of the path of freedom and the fight for rights in the United States of America. There are many remembrance days… Flag Day, D Day, Juneteenth, Independance Day, Constitution Day, and more.

So I find summer a great time to add little patriotic & historical extras to our music listening and art inspiration.

As those days arrive I will add some links for activities or musical inspiration to this post…

Memorial Day - a time to remember those who gave their lives. Living in a military community and being part of the military family, this day has special reverence. Here are some ideas on how to talk & engage children about this holiday

Pride month- a whole month celebrating diversity and the right to be.

Juneteenth- declaration of the end of slavery. Texas roots…On June 19 1865 Union troops landed in Galveston and read/posted general order 3, officially notifying Texas of the end of slavery.

Music… Jon Batiste just won a bunch of Grammys for an album full of inspiration appropriate for today. Including the powerful and joyful ‘Freedom’- my personal favorite song & video to celebrate the day

Kindermusik encourages families to explore great musical classics of all time periods & cultures- some of those can be found in Kindermusik albums but also all around us.

Independance Day/July4th- declaration of independence from rule of monarchy

In class we explored bell sounds and an old brass bell from my collection as Liberty Bell inspiration.

We also encouraged exploring marches and snare drums. John Philip Sousa created so many of our traditional marches like the Liberty Bell and all the anthems of our military branches.

here in the Schertz Cibolo area there a quite of few local parades to watch and the Schertz Jubilee which has a bunch of events including a carnival.

When we come back from break we’ll be exploring carnival & zoo themes, to go along with that inspiration you can check out the kindermusik app, site for registered families (use log in to access account), and here’s a fun example activity

Labor Day- time to remember those who fought for the rights of workers

Although Veterans Day is technically not in the summer I still want to mention it too. As another time to honor those who made sacrifices for the freedoms we cherish.

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