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Classes Now

KindermusikbySally classes & lessons

for this week...

Monday morning in NewBraunfels

9:30am mixed-age Level 1 for baby, toddler, caregiver

11am for Mixed-age family class (focus on PreK but all ages welcome)

**Please note in the near future we may add a Baby only class at noon; if we do The mixed-age class will move to 10:45

Monday evenings and rest of week in Cibolo

Mon 6pm this week but in the future 5:30- Level3&4 a small group lesson for preK & school age


10am Mixed-age Family class (L2&L3)

11:30am Foundations for baby& caregiver

4pm Level3&4 small group lesson for prek & Schoolage

5:15pm mixed-age Level 1 for baby, toddler, caregiver


9:30am Level1 1&2 year olds

in future we may start a Level2 or older mixedage at 11

5:45pm mixed-age family class (focus on L2&3 but all age welcome)


future dates for Yoga and other baby&caregiver activities on some Fri11am

4:30pm Level 5 Art& Music group for schoolage

plwase note:

Jan 6th to March for Winter

March to May21st for Spring

no regular classes March 9-13, April 6-10

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