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Kindermusik “see you later”

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Copy of email for end of term (including beginning of flex month) notes

Thanks for being a part of our KindermusikbySally DiscoveryMeadowStudio community. Each term has a flex month... this allows families to finish up, make up, level up, preview, or enjoy the special extras!! Usually Summer to Fall flex is Sept; Fall to Winter/Spring flex is January; Spring to Summer flex is May.

If you continuing, can't wait to see you soon; if you taking a break we will miss you and hope to see you in the future.

Here are some things to know as we end the term & start a new one...

Streaming app is always available to access free content even when you are not actively enrolled. Specific class Level content (what ever was your class) is tied to your last enrollment - so it ends a week after the end of term. Remember to pick several favorite songs from the past term to continue to access free (to do this Kindermusik International sends you an email when the term expires). Access for new term will start the date of first class once enrolled. It is possible to continue to access streaming (app, website, my classes) without taking inperson classes - I can send you a link for a special $30 per month (will also allow you to accumulate free drop in classes).

Whether you are actively enrolled or not you can also continue to access your account (unless you request it be deleted altogether). If you have makeups, credit for classes or materials, or any questions about your account contact me personally for arrangements. I currently hold credits for several terms (upto a year) but please contact me so I can make a note on your account just in case of future policy change.

There are usually spaces still available (I always try to have openings) . Classes may be postponed or paused if enrollments are low- so please go to or contact me personally . During our flex months (September, January, and summer) you can choose between the whole term OR a trial month. I have specific links for each listed on my blog, the registration site, AND I can send you a specific link at your request. I respond to text fastest (210-373-5406)

Take Care & Stay Creative, Sally

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