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March AtHome Activities

Updated: 5 days ago

I'm working on this post through the break so check back later for copies of all of the March suggested activities...

Music can stimulate the brain in many ways.

As we explored the meadow we were able to take musical skills with us into the greater world all around. In class and in the meadow we have touched on many ways to use music - remember the more you practice those skills AtHome the bigger an impact they will have.

If you missed picking up your March AtHome sheets (scroll down for copies of sheets) or craft/activity ideas below are reminders of what you can do AtHome to reinforce & practice what we've been working on in class.

For all ages: Smell and even taste the flowers. Safety reminder, make sure the flowers you let your child explore are none toxic, food grade safe and either cleaned of or free from chemicals (pesticides etc).

Special note: At my studio we don't use pesticides on the bluebonnet or dandelion fields and any flowers in the classroom are certified food grade. As with any food introduction for children, watch carefully for allergies and dose. Also follow your doctor's advise on when to introduce foods/pollen. One of the local plants to stay away from is the TX Mountain Laurel because it's seeds are toxic.

We did a lot of pet pretend play in class this month. AtHome try creating a house for your pets/stuffies and make ears for you & your child to wear as you pretend to be pets.

Rainbow of colors for the light spectrum and to help follow the similar pattern of tone frequencies.

Just as the rainbow arches so do pitches with glissandos. As we heard on multiple instruments in March make glissandos we moved up and down with our bodies, objects like scarves, and more. Hi & low are also opposites to use for learning (see different age ranges below for ideas on how to incorporate opposites, moving up & down & more).

First below is an activity/game you can play with glissandos (Developmentally Level 3&4)

Foundations (0-2) parenting advice and activity sheets...

Level 1 (1&2)...

Level 2 (all age, 1-4)

Level 3 &4 (all age, 2-5)

Practice weather textures & different artistic lines with shining, whooos, drip & drop, pitter patter, puddles, zigzag, boom

Pre & current Musicians (5-8)

As prep for April

Use a drawn figure or your child's picture and create wings with crayons or tissue paper or water colors.

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