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NewYear, announcements at the studio

Updated: Jan 14

No matter how or when you celebrate the new year ...Happy New Year!

You may notice that at

#DiscoveryMeadowStudio my studio location in #Cibolotx I still have many of my decorations up. That's by design. My personal seasonal flow & observances include leaving up some lights, garland, ribbon 'till Feb. (Personal note: my family experienced some upset this holiday break- nothing that will keep me from teaching or being professional but as an artist it's difficult for me to completely hide my emotions sometimes so just an FYI. I'm actually looking forward to seeing all your beautiful families as a reminder of the light in this world.)

I will begin class Jan 8th

See the Winter events & term schedule post

**Yearly schedule of holidays, breaks, notes...

•Start January 8th is my flex month for Fall & Winter enrollees.. it means I will have extras, makeups, special events that are available for all new, old, & drop in families. Please contact me to rsvp (and for status on free, payment) an

•WinterSpring term runs from

Jan to May

•March24 - April 8th scheduled break for spring holidays/ no classes

•May will be the flex month for Spring & Summer enrollees

•Summer will be from May to Sept. & Sign ups can be for full 4month/12 week term or a 4 week summer special •Summer breaks will include May24-June3; July1-5; Aug 26-Sept6

•Sept will be flex month for Summer & Fall enrollees

•Fall2024 will be from Sept to Jan

**New policies & announcements

•As I announced last fall there is an increase of $10 for all classes for the WinterSpring term. The classes on the schedule reflect this change (they were posted with the new prices in November of 2023). And now my website and detail pages on my website also reflect this change. I have also instituted an annual fee increase for every New Year for the future. I am aware that my fees are some of the lowest in the area even though I provide a high quality product. I keep the fees as low as possible because I believe in being as accessible as possible. However the inflation of the last 5 years has made it difficult for me to cover my costs so I must raise prices. This is especially true as I look to recruit new quality Kindermusik educators here and in the area as I slow down. I will offer options to off set the increase (more on this soon).

•I am now the only Kindermusik educator who does regular classes from DelRio to San Antonio all the way up to Austin. And I am slowing down. This will be my last year teaching all the age groups (I will be completing the Musicians program over the next 2 years). Although I want to keep teaching into the next decade, it will be reduced in 2025 forward.

•Important Note!! Our area is in desperate need for new educators & studios!! I am willing to mentor and eventually will be looking to sell all my supplies. If you are interested or know someone who is please let me know.

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