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Remember, Honor, Talk

In remembrance on this the 20th anniversary of 911. From the discussions of a First Responders Day to Veterans Day coming this Fall. Let’s remember, honor AND help with talking to our children about traumatic events and those who help us to find hope.

Remember those you died

Honor the helpers

Honor the veterans

Below I have some resources to inspire and help us talk to our children…

A link with ideas on activities that you can do with children to honor the day

A clip of an in-depth interview with Fred Rogers where he talks about one of his main influences- his mother. At times of crisis and trauma she would tell him to “look for the helpers”. In the interview he talked about media making a conscious effort to show rescue works and aid workers and those helping during a crisis.

A clip of Fed Rogers coming out of retirement in Sept 2002 to reassure Americans that we are all part of the same neighborhood.

A more recent childhood personality, Steve’s inspirational message

Some sites I think have helpful info on talking to. Children and dealing with their feelings.

Music can help us process too. It can help us honor, remember, even reflect.

What’s your favorite music that is inspired by 911? What is your favorite patriotic song?

Here is a link with a piece written specifically for the 20th anniversary

Fellow parent suggestion- a video a former kindermusik parent likes and recommends

here is a site that helps support children & families of first responders

My littlest one welcoming his father back from is deployment to the Afghanistan War

And here is a site with good resources to help military families.

another site for military families to help military children

Thanks to all the veterans for their sacrifices and service to our nation.

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