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Spring Inspirations

Updated: Mar 29

Spring inspires us all!! Below are some of the inspirations that I'd like to highlight. We'll "travel" from Pets to Bluebonnets to Weather to the Farm and in between we'll be inspired by the rainbow of diversity in our community🙂

We'll explore the rainbow this season. Rainbows are significant to so many people. Whether to reflect diversity, Irish folk lore, weather/science, and even religious significance - no matter the reason colors of the rainbow are a seasonal joy and a tool to learning.

Black History & American folk hIstory with 2 of my favorite NO/ Marti Gras musicians- Louis Armstrong (classic) and Jon Batiste (modern).

BobbyMcFarrin and YoYo Ma bring a modern and cross cultural take on an American folk classic lullaby Hush Little Baby

Rhiannon Giddens modern exploration of the colabritive culture of Appalachia folk music and the banjo (African/Celtic/Native)...

Rhiannon Giddens can be heard playing banjo on Beyoncé's new album, notably the hit single Texas Hold'm.

2 other women Ella Fitzgerald and BigMommaThornton, inspire us and women's history. Listen to Big Momma Thornton's Hound dog...

speaking of dogs we will explore Pet themes.

Pretend horsey rides as we meet Elizabeth Queen of the Trail and her pet horse.

Exploring how our pets talk/sound, pretending and story telling with from Dog adventures to Cat operas.

Hide & find: Where did my little pet go? From dogs to bunnies.

As the bluebonnets begin to bloom around St Patrick's Day, we'll be inspired by Celtic music, flowers, and weather.

Rain soaking into the ground so flowers can bloom. Marching out to the bluebonnet field to Pipes & Drums. Light turning into the colors of the rainbow.

As the Solar Eclipse nears singing songs about the sun.

And as we get muddy stories and songs of how the water & bubbles of soap wash us clean.

Pop! What's in the egg? We also hide & find eggs and what's inside. From sounds to animals to the game of egg hunting.

After our Holiday break we'll continue to explore meadow and farm themes. From Birds to Bovine....

I will add more as we go through the season

I like to make sure that throughout the year different inspirations from our community are woven into class. At DiscoveryMeadowStudio we don't explore religious inspirations but we respect and honor that religious holidays and the reflection they inspire are an important part of our lives. This season we wish those who celebrate Easter, Passover, Ramadan, Holi, Spring Equinox (and any other holiday I may have missed) a meaningful observance.

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