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Our educators are experienced, trained, enthusiastic about their subjects  ... &  ALL love kids!   Their professional references are available upon request -- but these informal notes give you a feel for their styles and strengths.

Kindermusik International - the company the Sally Dancy is licensed, the developer of the best baby & early childhood music & movement curriculum, and the distributer of Kindermusik materials (which is an integral part of the curriculum, continue the curriculum at home).


Sally Dancy - Artist, Musician, & Kindermusik Educator.  Owner & operator of KindermusikbySally.  Licensed since 1999 by Kindermusik International.  Teaches Kindermusik, Art, & private lessons.  Designs activities & personalized programs.  Creates Art.  Develops curricula.

Donna Foster Myer - Educator, Speaker, Artist, Writer, & Scientist. Through her long career, she had extensive experience in science research, application, and education of the brain, exercise, meditation, wellness, and more.  In retirement she writes, researches, illustrates, & enjoys her family.  She consults, researches, writes, & develops for studio.

Dr. David Myer  - Educator, Scientist, & Musician.  He had a long career in Physics education.  In retirement he has become an excellent church musician and enjoys his family.  He consults on curricula cognitive consistency application & development as well as supporting behind the scenes. 

Ron Dancy  - is a great "behind the scenes" supporter of the studio more ways than we can count!. An instructor pilot for the U. S. Air Force, Ron has a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He was a scout leader for years, a life-long choir member, and plays piano for family activities.

Other family members who help out: 
Richard, Zackery, Christopher, and Benjamin

We also have help & contributors outside the family....

Monica Sparks - Monica came to KindermusikbySally with her 1st new born baby.  After taking Kindermusik for more than a year she became licensed as a Kindermusik instructor and she now teaches and does administration work for us. She has certification and experience in early childhood care and administration.

Deanna Smith - Deanna came to KindermusikbySally with her 1st baby. After taking Kindermusik for a year, she and I partnered together to experiment with using Kindermusik with yoga moves and infant message and has experience medical wellness intervention for NICU, babies, children, & families. Deanna is a licensed pre&post natal yoga instructor, is trained in infant massage.  Deanna currently works for a local Hospital working with kids and families.  Deanna still does regular special events that include yoga & infant massage with me at DiscoveryMeadowStudio.

Cheri Riddle - a friend and supporter.  Cheri started Kindermusik with her daughter as a baby 12 years ago.  After being in the program for years we developed a friendship.  She has been an active supporter of the program and has worked with me on administration and support.  She has extensive experience in education.  She has also donated much of her mother's extensive early childhood materials to the studio.

Tania DeKiewiet - I first met Tania when she enrolled her girls in Kindermusik about 13 years ago.  I worked for Tania and we created art projects & curriculum together.  She is a great friend, supporter, and colleague.  She also has donated much to my studio... supplies/materials, furniture, and more.



I thank all of them for all that they do! 

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