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Welcome... Music & Arts for you and your child's mind, body, & heart.

KindermusikbySally is a community based business-- striving for a safe space for all children and parents to find development, balance, & support.  

What is going on Now in KindermusikbySally community!?! 

Connect with us on... websiteBlog, Facebook, and Instagram (see links/buttons) to see current happenings and policies.

Creative Arts studio for kids, parents, families. 

Featuring Kindermusik by Sally Dancy.  In-Person classes, on-line resources, world class materials.  

I can connect you with great world wide community including virtual classes if you are not available for in-person.

*Mixed age caregiver/child classes Level 1-3 (whole family any age OR age ranges)

*Small group lessons without parent for Level 3-5 (4 to 8 year olds)

*Age/level specific classes: L0(called Foundations for infants & babies), Level1, L2, L3, L4, L5(called Musicians for 5-8 yos with prerequisite or consultation placement) 

Kindermusik is a developmentally & inclusively designed creative arts program facilitated with music and movement. We use quality tools that build a lifelong foundation for your child's unique journey. Includes nature, visual arts, theatre arts, traditional & multicultural instruments, physical book & digital access, and variety of expressive movement (dance & yoga & games). 

** For all ages, all needs, all levels....

We provide as personalized an experience as possible, so contact us if you have any questions. 

We do activities using music to encourage a balanced life with development, creativity, wellness, and community.  So we provide exploration, a process based curricula, parent info, visual arts & theatre extensions, instruments lessons, even on-line & in-person community resources. 

We use books/stories, instruments/multi-media, sign language, yoga/meditation, muti-sensory exploration, creative movement, visual arts/crafts, outdoor exploration, socializing/support.

***We are currently looking for Educator & Business Partners so we can continue to provide a rich full program  click here for more infor

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