Studio Presentation
Studio Presentation

Indoor studio with instruments to explore, art to create, experiences to share

Digital access
Digital access

Virtual classes, digital/computer access to materials, even an app for the phone for those times you can't get to the studio.

Hiking with song
Hiking with song

No matter where we are or how we get there it's with music, love, and laughter.

Studio Presentation
Studio Presentation

Indoor studio with instruments to explore, art to create, experiences to share


Welcome... Music & Arts for you and your child's mind, body, heart, & soul.

What is going on Now in KindermusikbySally community!?!  OUTdoor, Indoor, Virtual, themes, fun home activities, articles, parenting helps, funnies, connecting.

INdoor classes are currently being planned.

You can view current info on these or other info by clicking on these links ... websiteBlog, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also a closed facebook group and privacy protected Virtual classes through Zoom for registered families.

*special note* Looking to bring in & mentor a new teacher & interested business partner.

Virtual and In-person Community & Activities

CreativeArts studio for kids, parents, families.  Featuring Kindermusik by Sally Dancy.  Virtual and In-Person depending (see happy&healthy page) situation.  We will provide a minimum of mixed age parent/child  and a mixed age small group lesson (without parent).

Kindermusik is a developmentally & inclusively designed creative arts program with music, movement, literature, and materials. Enriched with nature, visual arts, theatre arts, traditional & multicultural instruments, and variety of expressive movement (dance & yoga & games). 


We are currently looking for Educator & Business Partners so we can continue to provide a rich full program including...

*From Birth to 7/8 years and their families, Kindermusik provides family classes and group lessons.

* 'Playdates' which are seasonal or themed one-time events at my studio or your group.

*For older kids 5-9yso creative arts and instrument weekly lessons, exploration, extensions/supplements to Kindermusik.  Small groups and individual instruction.

*Camps or events (your group/facility, summer or other special time).

** For all ages, all needs, all levels....

We provide as personalized an experience as possible, so contact us if you have any questions. 

We do activities using music to encourage a balanced life with development, creativity, wellness, and community.  So we provide exploration, a process based curricula, parent info, visual arts & theatre extensions, instruments lessons, even on-line & in-person community resources. 

We use books/stories, instruments/multi-media, sign language, yoga/meditation, muti-sensory exploration, creative movement, visual arts/crafts, outdoor exploration, socializing/support.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Kindermusik's International community...

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