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  • Sally Dancy


Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In class we always celebrate connection all the time.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Not we support your family’s choice. Although we don’t organize card/gift exchange families are always welcome to share as they like.

I’ll have some crafts & coloring sheets at the studio. Kindermusik has some fun crafts for this time of year. You can access them from your Kindermusik app OR go to their YouTube channel

This week we take the opportunity to celebrate our love for all Kindermusik families and the special community we have.

To celebrate the intersection of black history month and love I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Ella & Louis duets. You can find bunches of collections of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on many platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. the Facebook Ella page has some quick links

One final word about love & Kindermusik. My love of music and my children brought me to Kindermusik. But Kindermusik has also helped me learn to love my self as a parent, my cHolstein for who they are, and given me a way to share that love with other families. And I celebrate that as well.

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