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Ideas for Solar Eclipse

Updated: Apr 7

Below some ideas on how to use music & books from the Kindermusik library/classes that will coordinate with the event on Monday April 8th. Also included are other info, activities, links

This is a great time to explore themes of sun, moon, even colors (because as the eclipse happens our eyes see colors differently)

Kindermusik Songs about the sun...

Mister Sun, you are my sunshine, sally goes round the sun are all songs we have recently explored (depending on age group)

We also explored many songs about the moon..

Aiken Drum, Silver Moon Boat, Moon Dance, Usagi Usagi

Books in the KM library that have sun or moon or astronomy themes...

All families should be able to see... Sailing to Dreamland in extra or other books

Foundations library... Dream Pillow Lullaby

Level 1 library... Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star

Level 2 library... Mister Sun

Although level 3&4 don't have books about the sun, moon, or astronomy there are several on the weather like Micheal Finnigan, Rain Song, Hurry Home Kittens, Under the Rainbow

Games... the Sally goes round the sun/moon song can be done as a circle dance counting game; while exploring or finding colors you can sing the Colors of the Rainbow song

Some more detailed and specific games

Important Note!!! For younger children (under 3 or those who are not yet capable of following directions) the safest way to watch the actual eclipse (making sure they don't stare at the sun and damage their eyes) is by watching it via YouTube, website, national broadcast. Here are a couple of options...

Hulu, Disney+, Direct TV, Sling, & more will have live stream (this link has all the links)


Here videos on how to create safe ways for young children to see the eclipse live...

A box projection video from YouTube

full face holder for solar eclipse glasses to help young children watch safely

As I mentioned at the top, colors may look different during the eclipse and so you can have some fun exploring colors and seeing the differences as the eclipse passes.

here is an article about the science

I couldn't find any color experiment ideas for kids however you can make sure your children are wearing red & green or coloring with red and green so they can see how they change through the eclipse (note this has to be done outside but should work even if there are clouds.

stories are another great way for children to explore & learn. There are also many fun stories from around the world that come from different cultures. On our own continent, different tribes told different stories and had different ways to commemorate eclipses. This is a story from the Choctaw nation (which will be experiencing the eclipse this year)

Here are some more kid friendly activies

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