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APP- access digital materials, streaming

You can acces digital materials through Kindermusik's website OR APP. On this post I will focus on the APP...

Kindermusik’s App

Kindermusik’s app is free and available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. However if you want to have access to your class music or your redeemed downloads you must log in...

*go to App Store and down load Kindermusik app;

*open app, click on 3 lines (seen in red circle of pic);

*from menu pick log in- type in email & password from account (see step-by-step post to set up account)

After you are logged in you can access limited account information, class music, use functions with the class music.

**Functions in menu/three lines (top left corner of Kindermusik app screen )... includes log in/out, KI’s mode, dark mode, find a class/studio, about KI, user profile/account info, Play Along (digital instruments), Make Your Own Music (recording)

**“Play Along” - digital instruments! Quick access from the 🎵 (top right corner of screen). This function allow for playing digital representations of Kindermusik instruments. They can be played alone or along with any music played in the app. And you can record your compositions (4 track options seen above) or improvisations using “Make Your Own Music” - this option again accessed from the three lines.

Free version of the app has some context under each topic- Home, Themes, Library, Videos, Books.. More is added once registered & active in a Kindermusik class.Once active in class and signed in, you will be able to access ALL available context for your age/level.

***Bottom bar on app screen has. ..

*”Home” where music is organized by class & album

*”Themes” where music is organized by general subject/theme

*”Library“ where all music is listed (by album, your own play lists, & you can search)

*”Videos” with crafts, food recipes, more activities

*”Books” ( added to the bottom ba 3/22) - has all the available books in alphabetical order

*More exciting news** ,lKindermusik has added new age/level specific videos (under videos)

More new, updated content to the app coming in the future!

AS of AUG 2022 unlimited streaming from the app or computer is provided free with any class. Families will be able to stream all the content available for their child's currently registered Level/class- all music, books, videos for the Level for which you are attending/registered. I will have an option for those who take a break from or pause in-person classes- a digital access only option at a reduced price will be available (will include Kindermusik's digital access for a Level plus access to me through zoom).

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