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Account Access

Updated: Feb 21

Accessing your Kindermusik Account is quick and easy from any device with internet access BUT we do suggest setting up the password from a computer.

Your Kindermusik account will allow you to access & manging your personal info, payments, registrations

And once you are registered access/stream your AtHome digital materials..

First!! 1st:

* Go to

* Enter the email you provided the studio. * If you haven’t logged in before Click “create an account” (circled in yellow on picture below) and answer the questions

*if you have already created an account enter your password and Click the purple “Log In“ to get in (circles in green)

*if you have already created an account but can’t remember your password click “Forgot your password” (circled in red)

(pictures below for reference)...

2nd: Welcome, What’s There.

Although you can access this with any device with internet access it’s easiest through computer or tablet.

On the welcome page you’ll see Across the top...

• “Home” which will list the Levels you are currently registered/enrolled in (more on accessing/steaming the materials below in 4th)

“Classes” which has a list of classes with your current class highlighted;

“Shop” which allows you to see & buy Kindermusik books & instruments (i'm Hoping to have this up and running - if not now, soon) ;

• “Redeem” which allows you to redeem album codes from download cards (only good until Dec31 2022) & class codes (for special enrollment);

• “My Account“ which includes your basic registration info. This is also where you can change that information if needed.

3rd: MORE on “my account” button (the last pic in the above gallery)… it has a pull down menu that takes you to several pages including “payments” which allows you to see payments, edit credit card info, and manage credit card payments; “Account Info” which allows you to edit all your & your child’s personal info, ALSO toggles for opting in or out for texts, non account related emails from Kindermusik international (emails about your account are mandatory), photo policy; “” the basic Kindermusik website; “Logout” allowing you to log out of a particular account


AtHome digital material access/streaming -

Unlimited Library of books, Library of albums for current/active enrollment, best of albums for previously enrolled. The levels you have will be highlighted in color.

(Pics below for what it looks like from your account/ the website).

Specifically from the website & your account… on the page you will see icons for each level/class and above that “albums” & “Books”

•“Album” When you pick a particular level, album/theme, and book….

On the Level then album page you will see all the albums/themes available for that class/Level. You can then pick & stream the music, add to favorites, etc. Note: limited time downloading on music see #8 at the very bottom of this post

•“Books” On the Level then Book page you will see all the books available for that class/level. You can pick & stream any of those books. For the books you can pause/play sound/reading of the book. Also can manually turn pages via the arrows.

Here is a link for more on how to use and what's on the APP

You can access streaming music & books from your account/website OR Kindermusik's APP. You will have access to the library for the class/Level you are registered/enrolled (it will be in color/highlighted). Also any best of albums for the general public or for pervious enrollment/registration.

Other materials available (other posts for more info)...

•1 physical book &1 instrument to keep that come with most registrations.

•in class arts, crafts, activities (& sometimes kits to take home)

•take home activity & parenting sheets

•in studio library for discontinued Kindermusik CD's, books, play sets, & more.

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