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Account Access

Updated: Jun 6

Accessing your Kindermusik Account is quick and easy from any device with internet access. It has been updated so the moble version of website and the app are easier to navigate. However If you have any trouble try setting up the password from a computer.

Your Kindermusik account will allow you to access & manage your personal info, payments, registrations

If you can't access an old account or accidentally have more than one account Kindermusik International can merge the accounts (contact them directly or let me know and I can help facilitate).

And once you are registered access/stream your AtHome digital materials..

First!! 1st:

* Enter the email you provided the studio. * If you haven’t logged in before Click “create an account” (circled in yellow on picture below) and answer the questions

*if you have already created an account enter your password and Click the purple “Log In“ to get in (circles in green)

*if you have already created an account but can’t remember your password click “Forgot your password” (circled in red)

(pictures below for reference)...

Reminder the below information is for the kindermusik website. If you wish to use the app instead there is a link to the post explaining the app navigation at the bottom of this post.

2nd: Welcome, What’s There.

Although you can access your account on the website with any device with internet access, it is easiest through computer or tablet.

On the welcome page you’ll see Across the top...

• “Home” which will list the Levels you are currently registered/enrolled in (more on accessing/steaming the materials below in 4th)

“Classes” which has a list of classes with your current class highlighted;

“Shop” which allows you to see & buy Kindermusik books & instruments (i'm Hoping to have this up and running - if not now, soon) ;

• “Redeem” which allows you to redeem album codes from download cards (only good until Dec31 2022) & class codes (for special enrollment);

• “My Account“ which includes your basic registration info. This is also where you can change that information if needed.

3rd: MORE on “my account” button (the last pic in the above gallery)… it has a pull down menu that takes you to several pages including “payments” which allows you to see payments, edit credit card info, and manage credit card payments; “Account Info” which allows you to edit all your & your child’s personal info, ALSO toggles for opting in or out for texts, non account related emails from Kindermusik international (emails about your account are mandatory), photo policy; “” the basic Kindermusik website; “Logout” allowing you to log out of a particular account.

Below are pictures of the "My Account", "Account Info", then the page where you manage your emails, phone, and text communication information.


AtHome digital material access/streaming -

Unlimited Library of books, Library of albums for current/active enrollment, best of albums for previously enrolled. The levels you have will be highlighted in color.

(Pics below for what it looks like from your account/ the website).

Specifically from the website & your account… on the page you will see icons for each level/class and above that “albums” & “Books”

•“Album” When you pick a particular level, album/theme, and book….

On the Level then album page you will see all the albums/themes available for that class/Level. You can then pick & stream the music, add to favorites, etc. Note: limited time downloading on music see #8 at the very bottom of this post

•“Books” On the Level then Book page you will see all the books available for that class/level. You can pick & stream any of those books. For the books you can pause/play sound/reading of the book. Also can manually turn pages via the arrows.

•NEW Addition "Activity Videos" includes videos organized by level. Each level has step by step videos guiding carefivers through an activity. For the older levels there are also videos of games for children of that particular age level.

You can access streaming music, books, videos (and more) from your account/website OR Kindermusik's APP. You will have access to the library for the class/Level you are registered while enrollment/class is active (it will be in color/highlighted). Also any ‘best of’ albums for pervious/past enrollment/registration. There are also albums for those who register for Playdates. And there is free content for all (no registration/enrollment required).

Here is a link for more on how to use and what's on the APP

Other materials available (other posts for more info)...

•1 physical book &1 instrument to keep that come with most registrations.

•in class arts, crafts, activities (& sometimes kits to take home)

•take home activity & parenting sheets

•in studio library for discontinued Kindermusik CD's, books, play sets, & more.

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