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At home activities too...

You get the most out of Kindermusik when you make it part of your routine at home.

Kindermusik has tools to help you with this.

For physical books, CD’s, instruments see the previous post- Books & Instruments June2020. Also have a separate post for on-line classes.

HERE I will discuss Kindermusik‘s ACTIVITIES for home that can be accessed and utilized at your convenience

*digitally (computer website, app, social media) *with a book you can reference at home

*take home kits designed by me or Kindermusik International.

Kindermusik has...

Computer access/portal. Below is a picture with directions And visual explanation of what’s available, where it will be on the screen. Includes a book, music, parenting helps, and videos with craft or experience how to’s. Downloading or streaming available.

The App. Below is a picture with directions and visuals to help you find the functions.

Includes music, videos On a variety of subjects, digital instruments. Has parenting controls, account access, can do recordings, access all your Kindermusik music, pre-made or create own playlists, interactive instruments that child can play along with music, informative and how to videos.

separate Activity books that coordinate with a specific theme or class (Example pictured below). Includes parenting/teaching tips, information on the theme, musical scores, craft and exploration activities. Lesson group classes without parents even have a suggested lesson per week built into the curriculum. Note: some kindermusik story books have a few pages of activities and info- pictured below is a Stand Alone activity book.

In classes we use print outs of some of these activities. We use them in class but also can use them at home. Below is a picture of some examples.

Kindermusik also has some activity kits available that include games and play sets. Most sets are for a particular weather, cities & people, toys & trips, park & nature. Pictures below is one such set with paper/cardboard manipulatives- others are games with cards, story boards with clings.

I also have researched or developed my own crafts, manipulative, and worksheets and have those available to take home- examples pictures below

I (and my staff) also have a digital presence. We provide a steady stream of information through links, blogs, videos on...

*Facebook public and a private group

*Instagram just public

*Website with a Blog- public access and sign up for access & notifications

I’ll create a separate post with more about this.

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