• Sally Dancy

Backyard Theatre of the past

Remember the backyard productions, the living room stuffed animal theatre, the club house wars? These were the creative stories kids use to produce before the streaming services. The inspiration and imagination that lead to so much brain development. Here at my studio, we provide a safe place and a process that encourages creative development that happens through pretend play when paired with improvisational music learning. And every spring & fall we put on a presentation with props the kids make, and stories they pretend, and music they want to share.

@kindermusikbysally we have a safe play for young children to has classes that encourage & develop Creativity through Musical play!

Outside & inside,

playing pretend & games,

with instruments, objects, materials, movement, language, patterns, nature & technology.

Creativity is important for so many things... Arts, Science, Literature, even Sport. Kindermusik is unique in it’s focus on multipurpose creative development. Kindermusik does this through a purposeful developmental process and I bring my experience as an artist and early childhood specialist.

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