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Bonding Time

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

This months focus… Bonding time

This time of year I like to highlight bonding time. It’s always woven into Kindermusik lesson plans, but occasionally I like to take time to not just point out the bonding time but also spend some extra time focusing on it. The holidays are a good time to do just that. We are all so busy that sometimes it’s helpful to take an extra special moment to be present.

This month I’ll also post here some articles and inspiration on the subject of bonding.

So while we are on the subject, here’s an article on sibling bonding…

From infancy music can help with the parent/caregiver bond. While you are pregnant, you can prepare by learning your favorite lullabies or even think of how you can personalize a lullaby for your child. Now that baby Is here Kindermusik can help with a huge variety of songs for all kinds of activities… sleep/bonding, play, moving, brain development. In class I can help guide you to personalize your use of music and improvise to your child’s needs. Using music this way is ancient but our modern world has so many new gadgets sometimes it’s easy for the time tested to get lost. Many groups around the world have been doing research over the last 20-40 years looking at how important music is to our development. Kindermusik has been on the forefront of this but there are important other groups as well like this link from Carnegie Hall in NY

The link between memories and music is so strong. In previous posts I’ve had links to stories about how songs from early childhood can reach dementia patients when nothing else would, how premature babies can be helped to thrive with music therapy, how music can help overcome developmental delays, and more. But music is for everyone and can have an impact on all of our memories. And it’s usually the simple things that we Make part of our routine that have the biggest impact. So at a time of year when we are all focused on grand events for memories, it may be the simplest of routines that actually create the strongest memories… like the books you read at bedtime, the dance you dance together, making cookies together…. and the music you explore together while you do these things can make the memories Draper and stronger.

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