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Brain on Music

How music works in and for our brains and bodies is fascinating. And it’s so important for development.

On this post I will include links to stories and stories that highlight music and the brain.

A study in Switzerland’s neonatal units shows A link with orchestrated music and critical brain development for premature babies…

And it’s not just Kindermusik or musicians who think this is important. Here’s an article and video from Unisef talking about how music is important for basic development from the womb

It’s not just about babyhood, it’s about something that will last a lifetime! From birth to schoolage to maturity. And the intergenerational connections of our community.

Tony Bennett who is suffering from Alzheimer’s just recently preformed on stage alone and with Lady Gaga in NY. No one was sure if he could do it. See how it came about in this Video

For everyone from birth to old age and our connections as a community.

Kindermusik has a special program that brings Kindermusik children together with those in care homes and you can see how music connects all of us from birth to old age…

You don’t have to be a profession singer or dancer for music to stimulate your memory.

We all joke that as we become busy parents and then older people we can forget lots of things but we always remember the words to the songs we grew up singing… 90’s rap or Disney classics or favorite church songs…. But it’s more than a joke, it’s a real thing!! And it doesn’t just help us remember those lyrics, it also helps us remember facts and memories and even find the right connections to retrieve and express a thought.

like for this gentleman

Back to our children. Music helps the brain work more efficiently and effectively.

From language to math to physical skills to emotional&social. I like to call music the great facilitator OR exercise for the brain.

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