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Christmas videos, wishes

First thank you KindermusikbySally Community for your presence And your presents. I had one little that asked me not to open my present until Christmas morning so here’s a picture montage proof...

Here are some of my favorite Christmas specific performances I’ve found/seen on internet/social media this year

See a little one use all the tools (body, hands, words, sign language, facial expressions) to perform a schools Christmas for family. seriously this made me 😭 I have included both the watch video and a news story from youtube

For those in Whoville who aren’t ‘into’ Christmas- like my youngest son who said ‘humbug’ almost every time I sad ’ba’ this season. I included a link that has the lyr if you want to sing along😉

some Christmas funny for the long suffering family caretaker

A modern ‘classical‘ christmas concert

José Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad

A small choir gem I found on YouTube performing Go Tell It on the Mountain

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