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Memorials & big feelings

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

From 911 to Veterans Day to Peril Harbor our community with it's large number of military & first responders can be filled with emotion especially on days like today. There are also other anniversaries of traumatic events like natural disasters that can bring up big feelings in both us and our littles.

Even when our children don't have their own memories to navigate they are attuned to our emotional state. Over the next couple of months, I will post some resources here...

Here are some sites that can help with learning to manage emotions or trauma from different perspectives...

Sesame Street has a long history of helping parents & children through big feelings

This is a relatively new site/organization (at least for me) but it looks promising for those looking for a resource from a Christian perspective. It seems to be a religious perspective on parenting including dealing with emotional concerns and trauma

KI linked this site with emotional intelligence

Conscious Discipline has become a well own modern voice in discipline with a focus on emotional & trauma concerns. It's popular & has an educators perspective

If you like old school... you can't go wrong with Mr.Rogers

No matter your perspective the one thing that seems to connect all positive outcomes is connection. Connecting with your child no matter how you do that, goes a long way to helping them learn through you how to deal with big emotions.

When I share parenting tips, guidance, info ot is tempered with non-judgment because I know humanity/parenting is diverse.

I remember the days of young parenthood- so empathize with every new parent I meet. It is true that I am not a young parent anymore. All my children are adults now and the way I saw/see parenting over my life time has changed/will change in so many ways. So I don’t really believe in one right way of parenting because everyone (parent, child, family, culture) is different, has different needs, experiences, perspectives, skills. I do believe that life is a process. I’m never through learning or growing because there is always more to come. I can always refine or adapt or grow to the changing situation. The things I post or talk about in class are with this in mind. The idea being, to be open to growth- your little one’s And yours. Also accepting that we all have to find what works for us as unique people.

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