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Dealing with the tough stuff

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Kindermusik helps families deal with the tough stuff. So here are some parenting helps

How to manage our own trauma and help our kids manage theirs? There are several sites that I regularly share that help,

here’s one

We deal with seemly Ever changing situations. As if we didn’t have enough to navigate as parents, we’ve been handed even more decisions to make. Here’s a link for info on how to manage the new virtual choices


here’s a link with resources on How do deal with current traumatic situations surroundingCovid-19. This group focuses on trauma informed tech techniques. (note they have both free & pay reaourresource) https://consciousdiscipline.com/covid19/

Kindermusik will continue to look and address issues of race, equality in music and education Here is a link to an insightful discussion about musical history in America.


Another good resource for parents on a variety of difficult issues is Sesame Street which has developed resource for military support to diversity to emergency situations to special needs. And it’s free


To help children deal with new mask rules, think about all the ways you can trun the mask into another ritual

here’s a tip article

https://www.childrens.com/health-wellness/7-tips-to-help-your-child-wear-a-face-mask Also Conscious Discipline has a social story (a great way to communicate with your child and facilitate rituals)


here’s a pic/meme/list for those of you who are visual

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