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  • Sally Dancy

Emotional security

Let’s talk about Emotional Security and how it affects childhood development And how #Kindermusikhelpswiththat ...

As with all development it’s a whole body & brain thing. Your thinking, your health, your social interactions are connected to your emotions. And this is true for babies and children too- maybe even more so. Because their emotions can have a huge impact on how their brains and body grow. Also the brains of new parents are changing to meet the new challenge of parenting. So in Kindermusik we start be supporting emotional needs.

Connection, empathy, stress/fear, all affect the brain‘s ability to make new connections with our senses and ultimately with new knowledge OR vice versa. Sometimes you can have an emotional response that creates a chemical/electrical reaction in the brain. Sometimes you can have a chemical in the body that affects emotional response. Fear can trigger a protective response in the brain which triggers survival instinct, inhibits creation of memories, among other things. Touch & song, especially when connected to a Loving relationship, can help release chemicals that can alleviate stress- stimulate or distract the brain depending on the application. Movement and music and story can help develop a variety internal brain mechanisms for handling information- this includes processing emotions.

Because knowledge, movement, exploration, emotion, senses, social interaction are all connected, Kindermusik includes/combines all those things together. It just happens that Music is the perfect way to connect all those things holistically. It bridges the gaps... using the senses/body And gain knowledge And processing emotions And making connections with others.

Humans have Innately used music for this forever. We’ve used lullabies to sooth; song to remember; background music to create atmosphere; and more.

Beyond the science or even the philosophical idea of love over fear, Is just the basic human truth that we All need the connection of wrapping our arms around each other.

, affected by touch and can be made more effective with m

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