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  • Sally Dancy

Encouragement is key

#parentinghack Encouragement! How do you label and mirror what you want? Below is one of the best techniques I’ve come across over the years.

I have struggled with parenting - most people do. My children have had many struggles. Over the years I had many trials and errors with many techniques. There is no absolute best way because every child and parent is different BUT I do believe modeling, labeling, and consistency is universal. A ’formula’ for this that I use and suggest comes from Conscious Discipline

... say to your child, “ you (describe what the child did) so (how it was helpful). That was (kind, caring, helped ,etc).” The problem with the traditional one word reappear we give to young children like ‘share, no, thank you’ is that it doesn’t specifically identify the action you want to encourage- and many times kids mistake your meaning.

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