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Finding me on your fav social media

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I can be found on several different platforms. I have a page on my website that lists them but I thought I'd also remind everyone...

As you know I post most of my important timely info here on my blog and automatic mass email goes out for announcements & emergency changes. But I know that many people use social media for their day to day social connections/information so here is where you can find me on social networks...

Facebook public page

Facebook private & closed group (you need to stipulate the class you attend so I can verify your access because I limit access)

Instagram, reels, stories you can find & tag me @kindermusikbysally

Link for Instagram & all


Just a few more bits of info...

Although I will eventually reply to messaging through any/all of these platforms,

Fastest & most reliable way to talk to me is by texting to 210-373-5406

I can also do emails and can do face to face meetings through Zoom.

I have 2 websites...

one attached to Kindermusik International & your Kindermusik accounts

And then I have a seporate website for specific and detailed info about my personal studio & blog (which you are currently on and you can access through the tabs at the top of this page)

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