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  • Sally Dancy

First year tips

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The first year of anything is new and different. The first year of parenting can be overwhelming. And since parenting continues to change as your child, family, and world grows there's always something new to deal with.

Here are some things music can help with...


This link talks about how music may help with sleep especially for infants


This link recounts one parent's experience with difficultly connecting with their newborn and how music helped

More on connecting & familiarity. When my babies were little I picked a special lullaby/song for each of them- one that I sang over & over mostly to just them. Here's why singing the same song over & over can be powerful for babies..

Through the 4th trimester and infancy babies learn about the world through their caregivers. Although finally out of the womb babies at this stage still rely on caregivers to regulate and integrate. So the different positions you put baby in and the different things you do while holding baby contribute to their development.

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