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  • Sally Dancy

How young?

So I often get asked, “when should we start?”“Is my baby too young?”

Music can be impactful from before a due date and all the way through old age. It’s all about what and how you use it and your personally comfort. Which is one of the things Kindermusik focuses on... we focus on showing you the ways you can use the music (we also give you the music to use). There is no right or wrong time. There are no absolutes. But there is a process & tools that adapt to your life. That’s what we provide. Not a magic pill or formula BUT knowledge to share and techniques to try that are both time honored and scientifically supported. And I have seen the effect in person with my own babies and with many young babies over the last 20 years as a Kindermusik instructor. Here is an article about the positive affects of music on the youngest of babies...

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