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Kindermusik is a place of hope

Kindermusik is a place of hope.

We we always approach challenges with creativity and inclusivity.

Classes run virtually Or outside Or in a variety of locations Or using multi sensory Or using a variety of ways to communicate- Kindermusik in general and KindermusikbySally will always find ways to reach children and families.

Below are some of the concepts we include in our teaching and parenting support. I’ve included some links with interesting information related to that subject.

Sign language is a way to like the visual & physical learner to language and we use it in all our classes. This article is specifically about virtual learning but it is something we also do in person and encourage as an important part of multi sensory & multilingual learning.

Physical movement isn’t an important part of early learning and brain development/stimulation. Kindermusik always finds ways to explore every concept with a variety of physical exploration... fine movements of the fingers, artistic and athletic movements, and whole body movements. One of the important ways to explore movement is the coordination across the mid lines... left/right, up/down, back/front. Here is a link discussing bilateral integration and some fun ways to do it

From birth Music is a magical tool. It can be used to connect, educate, calm, and inspire. Here is a link from a non-profit for parental outreach (and unaffiliated with Kindermusik) talking about this

Pretend play is an integral part of early development and another way children learn. Here is an article about the importance of pretend play especially in the preschool & early elementary years

Right now we are having outside classes because of the unique situations that the pandemic has created. However outside exploration is always an important part of KindermusikbySally especially at our home studio DiscoveryMeadowStudio in Cibolo. There numerous other posts about our outside experience.

We also have great materials that support the learning process... books, instruments, games & crafts. Check out our posts about materials for more.

Last but certainly Not least, We are also family centered and inclusive... whatever parenting style/philosophy, Nero variety, differently ambled, multi cultural...

Although no group is ever perfect Kindermusik and my studio are always learning how to be more welcoming, non judgmental, and supportive to all.

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