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Kindermusik Musicians schedule

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

I am starting the new Kindermusik Musician curriculum. A 2 years designed to prepare children for a variety of musical art lessons in a group setting.

Here's what's available on my schedule. You can sign up for the full season/term...

Level 4 is the required prerequisite for Musicians. Before placement in Musicians a child needs to be evaluated for at least a month or in a private lesson.

Level 4 Wednesdays at 4pm in Cibolo (page includes a little video showing L4)

Fall of 2023 I will have a Thursdays at 4pm in Cibolo which will include a quick prerequisites month and then we'll start the Musician curriculum

Level4 to5 in NewBraunfels Tuesdays at 4pm

This class will start at Level 4 and then move to Musicians curriculum when the class is ready & willing to make the commitment

Trial option in Aug to October for evaluations & class placement. This link is for Wednesday's at 4pm but you can request coming on Tuesdays in NewBraunfels or Thursdays in Cibolo. Private consultations can also be arranged by contact me personally.

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