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Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Music and Movement play in general and specifically #Kindermusik (because it's just the highest quality and most consistent and most flexible curricula) is the ultimate tool. We can help you use it in your child's everyday life from birth- supporting their development for life & school.

All development (cognitive, physical, emotional, social) is impacted by the brain. And music activiates pretty much the whole brain. So music can impact all development especially when paired with movement (which also stimulates a lot of the brain).

All the development a child goes through is important for their whole life! Since school is such an important step in our littles lives it's an important focus. For us as parents/caregivers how we help our littles prepare for school (or education in general) is paramount.

A glimpse into how musical play impacts important cognitive development skill which impacts school readiness ...

More coming on


School readiness...

How to support parents & families for these...

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