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Parenting links

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Here are some of the links and conversations from this summer

All caregivers are welcome & supported at Kindermusik. Sometimes Fathers and other caregivers who fee different can feel left out in early childhood spaces & communities. KindermusikbySally works to welcome everyone. Here is an article that discusses the issue...

See our early summer blog post about how we value & support all caregivers

Here is an article about using co regulation to help build self regulation

Why do we sing to babies?

Article on why singing to all children everyday everyday is important

See our separate blog post on babies speech development, babbling, and vocal play for all ages

Article on insight into a preschooler's brain

Calming strategies to help with your child's anxieties

See our separate blog posts about how music and sensory exploration can help with #neurodifferences

Cute summer car travel song from Reels/tiktok

See my separate post with traveling tips, songs, activities from July

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