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Km Tool Box

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

all the things we’ve talked about in class, things we’ve made, play we’ve practice, the book you just go, the instruments you’ve received, the parent portal both for KindermusikbySally AND my.kindermusik- it’s going to be a sanity saver!! I have a separate blog posts for class announcements &schedule, a post for inspirational & funny, a post for parenting tips for talking & dealing. This post is for At Home play and educational and movement ideas- I’ll be focusing on interactive low screen time.

let’s start with remembering the things we talked about in class most recently...

*Wishy Washy Wee, hand boats

*make a boat from recycled materials

*make a map

*pretend to take an adventure in your boat

*make a map for your adventures

Here’s a pic with instructions on how to access your my.kindermusik account

More activities

A shamrock sensory art from KindermusikbySally International

calendar of ideas that include many things we’ve done in Kindermusik classes. Remember all the things we’ve done and use them at home... pretend, make maps, use recycling for projects and play, more

Free coloring pages from museums

Kindermusik has some virtual field trips designed for the specific age of the unit in the my.kindermusik library. But if you like the idea and want More then try googling it. There are so many good sites I don’t want to promote just one

Move your bodies. In Kindermusik class we move to learn. Here are some ideas- and to make them even better get out your Km songs

Watch a Broadway show Or other theater and musician arts- we’ve discussed in the older classes many Braodway shows, dancers, orchestrations. Here’s a link with a number of NYC finest

Go for a neighborhood walk and don’t forget some kindermusik extensions.... *sing along, “Where going on a _____hunt”. And sing “I see a ____” when found!

*Also Hunt for anything!! Choose different items or for older kids a classification.

*And invite the elders in your community too!! See if they would like to participate by placing a bear or what ever you pick to hunt for in their window. Also here are 2 book examples below...

Another walk idea is to take chalk with you and leave messages and Drawings along the way.

another book idea is to watch or create a sign language read along

here is a Link with a bunch of options

and here is a specific one on Facebook


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