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KMusic is Language

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Music is a language and has a language. @kindermusikbysally we live the language of music. And the language of music is perfect for helping build communication skills including.... Connection to others emotionally. Connection with words. Connection in the brain.

There are a lot of sites to explore how to talk to kids... conscious discipline, Sesame Street, trauma informed parent, Kindrusik (of course) and more. This one is from Kids Eat in Color

How do we communicate?

We connect with touch, words, ideas.

There are different ways to say things for the audience you have... if you are a lawyer you speak legal, a musician has musical language, different cultures have different languages, and children have their own language too. Now although not all kids have the same exact way of thinking, the basic idea holds true that kids are moving through development and so is their language and understanding. SO if we talk to them using that place of development and language it will help with communication.

The language of love

here’s a discussion and link to a set If videos showing how a parent’s love language can connect with their children

in a resent TikTok challenge

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