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Links for Reels & TikTok

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

This year I've been exploring both Reels & TikTok. I know they've become incredibly popular and I want to be visible there. BUT ALSO I like to offer links to content that I find helpful & supportive.

First this is a picture of my TikTok QR code...

Most of what I listed below are on both TikTok & reels for parenting support or parenting funnies. Links for helpful content on Facebook or internet sites are regularly posted specific to a subject. I also have a tip for getting what you want in your feeds- talking to the algorithm- at the end.

Doctorate, Brain science, & Mom

This content provider acknowledges brain & body differences and provides great examples @drchelsey_parenting

This next creator is very down to earth, funny, & informed about neuro divergent parent & child. Language warning (obvious in the name😉) @mommacusses

Speaking of nuero divergent parenting (&teaching). There are different techniques for different brain types. But that's complex enough we'll need a separate post in the future 😉.

Mom, educator. Love her mix of songs for kids, parenting tips & commentary. Also perspective from the black American community.


Pastor & Dad. This creator focuses on conscious, gentle, & whole child techniques through his perspective as a pastor & dad. @wholeparent

Mom& Dad page shares stories from both parents perspective. Also pretty down to earth- realistic for those of us who are use to a more traditional kind of parenting but are discovering/trying some modern techniques.

I'd like to have more ethnic, cultural, religious diversity perspectives. Obviously I'm best (as most are) at suggesting content that speaks to my experience. If you have a different perspective and would like to add your voice to this list PLEASE contact me with your favorites or you can add the link to the comments of this post or post in the Facebook private group. I'd (and I'm sure other parents) love to see & hear what works for you.

Some I've found...





Meta (esp Stories & Facebook) just follow my page or join the private group to see the links & pages I link & suggest.

So here's my tip for gaming the algorithm so you get more of what you want and less of what you don't especially the stuff that upsets you. Since algorithm doesn't know who you it guess based on what you seem dawn, focused on. This can end up being things that trigger you or anger you if you watch & respond. I have successfully shaped the algorithm for more positive content by using several techniques ...

•1st go to YOUR home page, click on "following", then browse just the pages/creators you've followed (do this regularly and click on videos and watch & comment on the ones you like & follow)

•2nd only watch the entire or multiple times videos that you want to see. The algorithm will send you whatever you watch more of so do NOT watch the stuff you don't want or that triggers you.

•3rd if you do watch a video multiple times that you don't want to see or that upsets you. Before moving/scrolling on click the arrow or 3 upper rt dots but pick "not interested", "hide", or "see less" (specific wording depends on the platform).

•There are other ideas of course. The ones I listed are just what I found works for me.

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