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Developmental tools

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

One of the things Kindermusik likes to talk about is how you can support development with objects you can find all around you.

This term...from mirrors to what's in your backyard to what's in your kitchen. I will be posting here ideas we are working on in class that you can continue at home.

Who’s that in the mirror??

We may be looking into mirrors as we dress up for a variety of events (especially this time of year). But for littles mirrors have so many long term daily benefits like:

🔄 Enhancing body awareness

😲 Identifying emotions, enhancing social skills

👄 Cultivating speech development by observing mouth and face shapes.

It's the perfect no-cost way to help your child champion early developmental milestones and have fun doing it!

Phonological development with mirrors and faces and more

They think: making silly faces together is fun!

We know: they're learning!

Whether you're helping toddlers form new words or older children champion tricky articulations, mirror play (especially coupled with singing!) is a great way to support speech development.

@trudelmusicstudio; @kindermusik


What's in your backyard (or park)...

We are exploring movement textures this week & using animals from the yard & park as our inspiration. Included in that will be fast & slow.

But why is it important to cognitive development? There are many reasons- here’s one…

Sometimes, little ones get stuck on certain tasks and have trouble shifting gears. 📚 Early activities that enhance cognitive flexibility can greatly improve your child's ability to handle multi-tasking and change later in life! Here is an article from Foothills Academy discussing how exploring creativity & physical exploration can help

Managing screen time and getting a better sleep

The making of a Kitchen band... (more info to come)

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