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More than just playing instruments

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I love that I can sing, act, create, play an instrument... But music is so much more than just those things. It’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development and support.

In this blog post I will post some articles about how music can help with some current challenge. And how my program can help with those goals.

family time at home https://snip.ly/kng6x6#https://www.mother.ly/child/10-music-activities-for-toddlers-preschoolers

recovering from the trauma of the pandemic https://www.kindermusik.com/mindsonmusic/music-in-schools-post-covid-is-critical/?fbclid=IwAR35_z5-AqEbVruqgvPfB3uR0Rvv2oXFCVZIUDqFA8qmvcMncCI1yVOd3fw

Our classes and resources are here for a great weekly experience but also to help you continue at home...

developing mind & body

moving the body


being creative

Sensory learning, integration

connecting with each other and community

learn how to manage emotions

and generally having a great attitude about life

The arts are the greatest tool in the human tool box- a process all of us can use in our lives.

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