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Music Around the World

One of the things about music is that it’s something everyone around the world does. Kindermusik not only is available around the world but also tries to introduce children to a variety of music from around the world. Kindermusik is always reexamining their curricula but this year in particular has brought new attention to the concerns for respectful exploration of different cultures.

Through the year I’ve always highlighted seasonal, regional, and monthly highlights of different cultures from around the world.

October to December is a particularly active month in south Texas from the German October fest to Mexican Day of the Dead to Native American month to the harvest festivals from around the world including America’s own Thanksgiving.

We did hoop exploration this week. Hoop dancing is a traditional dance form for some American tribes so for #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth

Here’s one of my favorite videos of hoop dancing

for the theme of rain and being thankful

here’s a link of an iconic blues singer from the American south

The music and art of ‘Day of the Dead’

for good ‘measure’ (you’ll have to watch to get the joke. One of my favorite videos of a famous german brass band

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