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  • Sally Dancy

Music & Arts for all

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Everyone needs acceptance and hope. Music and arts are great ways to bridge/share empathy, humanity, experience.

I love the representation of the rainbow/spectrum because it means so much to so many. Whether religion, science, art, community diversity, the many colors can be arranged to express and represent something profound. I find something special in the simultaneous sense of infinity and unity. It's shining through light and reflecting the substance. There is a reason why so many different groups choose rainbow colors as part of a deeper symbolism of their communities.

I strive to be a welcoming, no judgment, safe space for the very diverse community we live. I honor and respect people for who they are - Children/Dads/Moms/Grands/Caregivers , race, culture, religion, nuero spicy, LGTBQ+, personality, parenting style.

To come together we have to respect each other. Understanding personal needs & boundaries of others is an important policy of the KindermusikbySally community. And although my studio can't be everything to everybody, I strive to offer options for different needs and respect for all.

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