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Music, memories that last a life time

What song brings back a specific memory for you? Love to hear yours in the comments!

One of my earliest memories... My grandmother would sing a song called Grandfather's Clock. I thought my grandfather was in her big clock because I had never met him ( he died before I was born). Eventually I asked, "why don't we just let him out?"

Music is stored in our long-term memory which makes it such a great tool 🧰 for teaching your little ones new things!

Because of how music is stored in the brain, it makes a lasting impression. Music can be used to help memorize, modivate, connect, make transitions easier.

So many stories, here's a few...

Research with dementia patients has shown the remarkable effects of music.

Once I find them I'll post some links talking about sthis research. Also one great story illustrating this is the concert Lady GaGa did with Tony Bennett

On of Kindermusik's most influential contributors, Carol Penny, started a Kindermusik working in intergenerational spaces when her own husband was diagnosed with dementia. Now Kindermusik can be found in many spaces that include not only children & parents but also with grand friends.

One of the greatest and longest lasting gifts you can give your child is a special song you sing repeatedly when they are little. Even when you child is old that song will not just stay with them but retread memories deal in the brain. Even when most other memories are gone music learned as a child will not just be remembered but also stimulate the brain & other important memories.

So no matter what you think of your voice, sing to your child so they will remember this time with you all their lives.

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