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Musical Parenting Helps

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Music is a powerful brain & body tool. We all know how powerful music is when we are watching a show, doing an activity, or bringing back childhood memories- but the reason we use music for those things is because of how powerful it is in our brains/nurosystems. Music can also be a powerful parenting tool or a tool to help our kids manage. In this post I will be focusing on using music to help with common holiday parenting problems.

Here's a link to 5 ways to manage holiday meltdowns (from Kindemrusik International)

Music is more than just loud notes & rhythms- it's also space for silence. So learning have to feel, hear, give space to silence. As we learn about quiet and silence that knowledge and the skills we develop integrating them help us manage different situations meltdowns.

Learning how to use quiet places and music can help with regulation. The rhythm and motion will help them reset with their favorite person. Some of the skills being learned are... breathing intentionally, focusing, slowing the heart rate, steadying/quoting the muscles.

Quick reference for 4 techniques

Music is an art & a skill but it is also the most powerful mind&body tool.

Music can be a powerful tool for you as a parent/caregiver too- music is something that connects all of us! So don't forget that you too need social & emotional time & space...

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