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New Year tips

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Tips and advice for the NewYear!

Every class we share tips - professional & parent- and Kindermusik International follows that up with great resources! Below are some links and remember if you are registered you have access in your parent portal/digital home materials to age & theme focused information.

Chores? Local services & opportunities? Research and tip on discipline, development? Ways to incorporate all these things into your everyday life?

New baby? Just holding baby in a new way can help development.

Wanting to see how to add chores to your children’s new year schedule?

here is a link from Motherly with ideas

looking for local arts integration for your littles? Magik Theatre of San Antonio has great theatre designed for littles and the sensory sensitive

whether you are feeling worried with #momguilt or social development or pandemic isolation or ???

there is a lot of evidence that our community & Social connections help you children to grow a resilient and connected brain

managing stress for you and your littles?

here is some advice from parents magazine on how to deal with the stress so many of us are feeling

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