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Parenting Community

Our parenting village is

*a no judgement zone encouraging sharing of experiences

*developmentally focused with information based on research and experience

*guided by an early childhood professional with experience in education and the arts * use music, movment, play, mindfulness for balance and most helpful tools

Below is some of the info we’ve talked about and some fun stuff to inspire our lives as parents...

Have you watched this new Netflix series?? We have and it’s so interesting- sparking so great discussions on line and in person.

we use music to help facilitate so many parenting needs. Here is an example of the kind of thing we do with books. This video is actually from the local school district and a wonderful young teacher there. But we use these techniques in every class

Adults aren’t the only ones listening to all the news of natural disaster, viruses, and unrest. Children can tell when things are going on. Here is a good article I found about talking to kids during difficult times

we discuss how to use different words and disipline techniques to help our Children and our own parenting. In this case framing challeging behaviors to see the skills a child may have and how to redirect to help them use those skills in a positive way

we talked about exploring sounds with our little ones to encourage develop both a musical and language sensitive ear and brain. Here is a funny video I found that a father put together using his babies funny noices to create a band cover.

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