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Rainy Day Policies

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

As the rain falls heavy… I want to remind everyone of @kindermusikbysally weather policies AND info

For all weather events we usually follow the local school/government opening/closing. Sometimes we do have to modify a few things so here’s some info…

below you’ll find pictures and detour directions basic info & updates by time of day


If either end of Wiedner is blocked at the low water crossing take FM1103 to Cibolo Crossing. Follow the main drag called Cibolo Crossing (sometimes on maps called Cibolo Xing) . Turn left onto Ramsdale (In the new construction area). The next 3 way stop is the intersection with Wiedner and my studio is on the right.


**all outdoor activities come inside if possible (today they are)

**there are low water crossings (#turnarounddontdrown ) on Wiedner road BUT you can access the studio through the subdivision Cibolo Crossing. As long as the entrance to Cibolo Crossing on FM1103 is accessible you can get to my studio (during extreme weather events FM 1103 has flooded but it usually takes more than 5 inches of rain).

**take this time to explore the event… puddle jumping, rain songs, etc because there’s a song for everything!

**it’s understandable if you decide not to come (it was a long night, some don’t drive in this weather)- you are always welcome to make up the class on another day

UPDATES by time and day

first if you ever want to check yourself, the Cibolo police department usually posts on their social media closures and then updates when roads are reopened. Here is a link to their Facebook page

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