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KmbySally Tools

Here at KindermusikbySally we have multiple tools to connect, engage, facilitate, and help. Music and Movement and Creative Development for life. Children and families from birth to 7+. See what we offer below...

Classes, information, support, community for individual age/development and mixed-age family

*Virtual conference classes

*closed facebook group for registered families only

*website blog

* on both the Facebook group and the blog you’ll find all kinds of parenting helps, craft and activity videos or links, funnies, other community support

*Kindermusik International parent portal with digital access to books, music, activities & more for each months class theme

*Kindermusik International App (for phone & tablet) for on the fly access to music and video. An interactive virtual instrument play along. And more updates coming I the future.

Once we can do in-person again...

*physical books & instruments included in season passes or available for sale from KI. These books & instruments are coordinated to our themes, designed for specific class age range, and high quality. CD’s are also available if needed/wanted.

*Private meadow for outside classes & activities at Cibolo TX location.

*2 locations along I-35- one in Cibolo TX, one in NewBraunfels TX, hoping for more in the future.

See other Blog posts for information about each of these tools

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