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Safety for virtual classes

Is it Safe? For brain science and screens and virtual classes, see my post & links about social connection and technology.

For privacy concerns, see the pics or the list below…

Our virtual classrooms are password protected.

You will receive a class ID, password, and a link.  Please do not share these with anyone.  If you know someone who wants to join have then contact Ms Sally

We use a ‘waiting room’ so no one comes in without being admitted.

All participants are registered in KindermusikbySally.

The host will verify visually and by audio that the person we admit is indeed the family we know.

To help us with this you can go into Zoom’s settings under profile and add your child’s first name next to yours (example: Sally&Ben)

The class will not be recorded by the host or allowed tono be recorded by anyone.  Recording is not allowed do to privacy, safety, and music licensing.

Please do not take screen shots if other families are on the screen.  Photos that show the teacher on the computer screen are fine- to do this use the ‘speaker view’ which will only show who is talking (and during most of the class the host will mute everyone but the host).

Your personal information will stay with the studio and will not be shared with 3rd parties.

Kindermusik abides by all COPPA, Media licensing requirements, and the Children’s On-line Privacy Act.  One of the many reasons why Kindermusik International is important is because they can give guidance and real assurance that the classes are done well & safely.

Below is a good reference for safety. The one thing below that we will encourage you to do if you feel comfortable is share your screen. We will ask you to share your screen with the host so the host can verify your identity. Then if you feel comfortable we do encourage the kids to be able to interact with the other members of the class. This virtual social interaction is actually important for connection social learning. And of course only registered families (most of whom you already know) will be in the class. However if you do not feel comfortable sharing your screen feel free to mute your video anytime.

we will use files in the meeting ONLY for the curriculum (Like the books).

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