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  • Sally Dancy

Screen time, how to manage it

Little brains are designed for eye contact, social interaction, movement, and attention in the 3D world. BUT REALITY...screens are inescapable! What can we do???

Productive Sensory Play isn’t just about providing stimulation; it’s also about the right kind and level and direction of that sensory experience. Electronics areNOT evil but our current applications for young children are not always appropriate or helpful. They focus too much on getting the child ‘hooked’ on the activity and not enough on health brain processing. Even if an activity is ‘educational’, the use (or over use) can be counter productive to over all brain function. So you don’t have to eliminate the modern devices BUT remember that a baby/toddler/PreK brain learns differently and that learning is the foundation on which all brain function for the rest of life is based. So if you’re looking for ways to balance the reality of our world and healthy development, our community is that place! We have ideas, we have support, we practice the skills, we have fun without screens but won’t judge you for use- after all we’re using one now. Here’s an article about why it’s worth the attempt to limit...

Ok, ok. But in all seriousness HOW??

*when screens are necessary- do screens With your child. Make it interactive with not just their engagement but also yours.

*moderation, moderation, moderation. That screen may be a life safer when your little one is screaming in the car seat on a long trip and nothing else works BUT let it be a last resort or special treat.

*use music and movement! They are great tools to engage without a screen. And it’s good for both their Brian&body and your beain&Body.

REMEMBER Screens can’t replace regular play, eye contact, touch, or movement so #kindermusikhelpsme #kindermusikhelpswiththat #kindermusikbysallycommunity

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