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Seasonal ParentingTips

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Tips from KI

I'll be posting more as we go through the season

Why? Because... 🧠The logical part of our brain is in the prefrontal cortex. It's not fully formed in children, and even adults can't access it properly when they're upset.


💡Pat or tap, dance or sway, step in time...all of these musical activities are fast-acting ways to regulate the nervous system and help your little one:

✅Make better decisions

✅More easily transition to the next activity


That last one is the most important of all.

Tips for fewer holiday meltdowns 👇

It's all about familiarity in the unfamiliar (like a favorite stuffy)!

🎁 When things get loud or if your little has had a little too much pie, be prepared to take them to an open space (like the yard) or a quiet space (like a spare bedroom) to re-set.

🎁 Keep a favorite, soothing lullaby ready to play on your phone or sing/hum if a meltdown has ensued or it's time for rest

🎁 Human touch WITH music goes a long way. Rubbing or lightly scratching their back, massage (especially for infants), or just holding and rocking them to the beat can help regulate their nervous system and create a safe space to relax. Check @kindermusik_international blog musical minds for more

In our classes we practice a variety of techniques in class to help. Here are some reminders of class activities we did this last month to help...

Of course rocking & singing & social play.

Like the Rise Sugar Rise activity using song & playing with the kangaroo effect (run away then come back to safe space in parents arms).

Rocking in a hammocked blanket, clothes basket, or pod swing.

And turning off the lights and focusing on a sound or light. Here is a video to remind you of the flashlight play option- although this video is not me, it's from another great Kindermusik educator and you'll recognize the technique from my classes

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