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  • Sally Dancy

Self-regulation not just self-control

The difference is about working through and with the actual situation- figuring out what is happening and how to manage the situation. It’s about knowing the process and intentionally working through the problem. I like to say that kids need to ‘de’construct before they can construct. That is to say that you have to figure out all the parts of a thing before you can figure out how to ale anything that works. And this goes not just for our physical things or concepts but also for how to manage emotional and social situations.

Kindermusik helps with this in several ways-

*music, sensory, creative play encourages the development of tools that help- evaluation, identification, management.

*here is a place to practice those stills within a community that supports the effort

*professionals (teachers) that continue to learn, pass on the knowledge, act as guides through the process

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